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Selling Your Rare Coins

What Will I Buy?

Let's face it, you can sell your old coins to a thousand rare coin companies. Everyone claims they will pay "top dollar". So why should you sell to Fred Sweeney Rare Coins? Allow me to offer a few reasons:


1. My word is my bond and my funds are instantly available. If we say we  have a deal, I’ll back it up with an immediate payment as soon as I  take possession of your coins. I’m easy to work with - none of those  silly age-old tactics of browbeating you or tales of a weak market  (that’s a laugh) or downplaying your coins.​ 

Funds Available

2. Funds are always available. No partial payments or consignments, unless you prefer it that way. If your coins are worth a few thousand dollars or six figures, I'm a ready buyer. 

Fair Pricing

3. I'll work on a fair margin. I don't need to make a "home run" on your collection. Allow me a working profit and we can do business. 


4. If you have some better coins in with your common "stuff" I'll buy it ALL. This will save you time from offering coins to two or three buyers. I can purchase anything from American Colonial coins to to the latest U.S. series.

I have been buying and selling rare coins since the 1950's and have owned my own company since 1968. As you can easily see, I'm not one of the newcomers in the market. If you want to deal with one of the old-line dealers who understands your dilemma of letting these "old friends" go and respects the value of your coins, contact me.

What About Auctions?

5. What about auctions? You may have seen the ads extolling prices for coins that have been sold for astronomical prices. This may be true for the creme-de-la-creme, but what about the pedestrian coins? Unless you know which coins to auction, it may lead to disappointment. Remember, it isn't usual for 10,000 coins or more to be sold at to be sold by auction houses every month (not counting eBay)! As you can see, it's easy to be lost in the shuffle. Also, did you know that a large percentage of the buyers are dealers purchasing for resale? Remember you are charged an auction fee for consigning. Think about it, and then decide if you want to take control of the sale of your coins or find out about their value after they are auctioned.

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